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Keep in mind you are looking at an ARCHIVE of our original site platform and network. You can find our new forums and links to our sites here: forums.kitmaker.net.

6thScale, a site in the KitMaker Network, is an interactive community site with over 76,070 registered users.

The plan is for this new site to help provide a home for 1:6 scale figure hobbyists and collectors on the KitMaker Network. We can't do that without your help and interaction though. So please take a moment to look around, signup if you haven't already created an account on Armorama or the KitMaker Network. And if you have that login will work here just fine.

We are always interested in user contributions of photos, articles, reviews or anything you feel your fellow hobbyists might be interested in. In many ways this is YOUR site. It is not the work of one person or even a small handful. And that is the way we like it.

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As we are just starting out with this new community, we would be very grateful to anyone who would link to our site. There are several images below you can use.

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